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There are many ways for artists to promote their art. It's helpful to implement several plans simultaneously to promote your  artwork. Here are some of the possibilities:

1. Develop paper materials to promote your art. Minimally, you will need business cards you can give out to anyone you encounter. It's always good to leave a pile of them in public places, such as restaurants and libraries. In addition, post cards and bookmarks about your artwork are good paper promotional materials.

2. Another way to promote yourself is through participating in exhibits. Often you can find free exhibit space in public libraries, restaurants and government buildings. If you don't have enough artwork for a full exhibit, find a couple of other artists to go in with you for an exhibit.

3. Join a gallery to promote your art. There are two main types of galleries. One is a cooperative where the artists are the owners and participate in paying the expenses of the gallery and put in time running the gallery. The other type of gallery is an owner-run gallery where artists hang their artwork and pay the gallery a commission for each piece sold. In either case, a gallery is a good opportunity to promote your art.

4. Local newspapers and magazines are also good places to promote art. If you have an exhibit coming up or you are going to participate in an exhibit or gallery opening, send a press release to local newspapers and magazines about the event and about your art.

5. Museums often have special juried exhibits and ask artists to submit artwork. This is a great opportunity for artists to promote their art. Museums often draw good crowds from the community.

6. It is important for artists to have a website or blog. Either one is a good vehicle to promote artwork. Today, people look to the web when trying to find artists, writers, etc. Ensure the website or blog has more  on it than artwork. You'll go a long way in promoting yourself if you tell readers a bit about yourself and your artwork to make your audience care.

7. Another good way to promote yourself is through teaching. If you offer art classes in your area of specialty, you will be promoting your art through the classes. The students will pass the work along to others.

Combine a couple or all of these ways to promote your art and you will be surprised at the increase in attention you will receive.

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