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The best way for a new Artist to get Noticed Locally

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"The best way for a new Artist to get Noticed Locally"
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There are many ways for new artists to get noticed locally. Here are some of the most common ways to gain attention for your artwork:

1. Analyze your community. Determine who lives in your community and what their interests might be. For example, is it a young community or it is filled with people who are retired? What are the main interests of the local population? Are they an active, athletic crowd or a more sedate crowd? Would they be in the economic bracket where they would be looking for original artwork or would they be looking for prints?  If you know details such as these, you'll save money and won't market the wrong items to your community.

2. Once you've analyzed your potential customers, you'll have a better idea how to market to them. Essentially your marketing should get the work out as effectively as possible to the people who will buy from you. At first, you'll have to market to a broader crowd in order to be sure you have identified the right market; but as you learn who your customers are, you'll be able to narrow your marketing.

3. Begin by making sure the community knows about you and your art. Write a good press release. In it, tell the story of why you are involved in the type of art that you do, how you got started in your art, or how you've become involved in an exhibit, a charity event, or a workshop. Tell the story clearly and include a quote or two of what you would say if someone were interviewing you. Writers for local magazines and newspapers are more apt to run a story about you if they receive a well-written press release that makes their work easier.

4. One of the best ways for new artists to become known locally is to put on an exhibit. Your local library will probably allow you to hang your work on their walls free of charge. Be sure to leave a stack of business cards with the library staff or patrons who inquire about your work.

5. Classes and workshops. Another great way to gain local attention is by giving art classes and workshops. Your students will pass  the word about you.

6. Demonstrations of different art techniques and lectures about art history will also serve to gain attention. Your audience will tell others about your art.

7. It's also important to get to know and network with other artists. A good way to do this is by joining the local art league or becoming active at your local art museum.

One of the most important aspects of getting noticed locally as an artist is to be consistent and persistent at putting your artwork and yourself before the public. Teach, volunteer, and exhibit your way to being known for your art.

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